Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance is generally designed to protect the insured for loss of or damage to his vehicle, damage to Third Party property including bodily injury and death to Third Parties caused by accident.



  • The types of cover granted include;
  • Comprehensive Cover
  • Third Party Fire & Theft
  • Third Party Only  


1. Comprehensive Cover

This is the standard and widest form of cover available in motor insurance as it covers loss of or damage to the insured vehicle, liability for death and injury to third parties or damage to their property.

Scope of Cover

Third party Liability: property/vehicle damage, bodily injury and death to a third party resulting from the insured negligence are covered.

Accidental Damage: Comprehensive vehicle coverage will protect you from the accidental damage done to your car by someone else.

Theft: You will be covered, when someone breaks in to your car to steal your things or the car and the contents.

Fire: Fire caused by explosions, self-ignition and other natural and accidental causes.

Natural disasters, including hurricanes, lightning and storms: Natural calamities such as hailstorms, flood, hurricanes, lightning, and high wind can cause serious damage to your car.

Falling objects: Comprehensive insurance coverage will protect you from the damages occurred in your car as a result of falling objects like a tree, or debris from a construction site.

Animals: Damages caused by striking an animal with your car are covered.

Miscellaneous: Other cases like, explosion, self-ignition, and towing charges (to a certain limit) incurred after an accident are also covered .

Riots, civil commotion and malicious damage: These can be covered by paying additional premium to the insurer.

2. Third Party Fire and Theft

This cover provides indemnity in respect of legal liability for damage to or death and injury to third parties. It also includes cover for the Insured‘s vehicles for fire and theft.

3. Third Party Only -   compulsory!

The Motor (Vehicles Third Party Insurance) Act of 1945 (Nigeria) makes it compulsory for all owners of vehicles to obtain a minimum of a third party insurance cover from a registered insurance company; otherwise the vehicles are illegal to use on public roads.

Basically, property/vehicle damage, bodily injury and death to a third party resulting from the insured negligence are covered by this policy and not the insured or his vehicle.


A comprehensive insurance policy does not cover the loss of damages caused  by: Wars, natural and man-made disasters:

Car being driven by an individual who does not hold a valid driving license. 

The driver being under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of accident 

Mechanical breakdown of the vehicle or the general wear and tear of the vehicle 


Basic Underwriting information required.

Value of the vehicle

Copy of Vehicle License and Proof of Ownership.